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* Check-in begins on the first day at 14:00 and ends at 10:00 on the last day .
* If your stay begins late in the evening or not you have the desire to search for the grocery store , please let us know what products interest you , and we'll make the appropriate purchases .
* There is a possibility of buying additional service options concierge . Personal Assistant will help you forget about standalone completing time-consuming tasks such as booking tickets to the show or to the cinema, travel arrangements, order flowers or restaurant reservations, arranging laundry , etc. In addition, a personal assistant will also provide information about entertainment and cultural events , results sports , travel and tourism , road conditions .


To stay in Wroclaw was more enjoyable for you below is a list of useful websites through which to organize free time will be even simpler :

This is one of the few places in the world where you can enjoy a relic of nineteenth-century culture. The large painting , " transfers " the viewer into a different reality and a different time . Panorama Raclawicka is the first and only extant Polish work of this kind .

Wroclaw Zoo was opened to the public July 10, 1865 year. It was established as a joint stock company and the first years of existence faced with great difficulties . Only since 1880, dates back to the rapid development of the zoo , which already before World War I was counted among the leading institutions in the world.

Wroclaw Water Park is a modern , multi-purpose sports and recreation center that will meet the expectations of the most demanding customers. Regardless of whether you expect thrills , on the contrary, you want to get away from them and to relax , WPW is the ideal choice .

Beard is a classic attribute of any self-respecting dwarf . Moreover, attribute extremely practical. Because useful for ... no ... something definitely comes in handy ...

Official website of Wroclaw. Tutu will find information about the city , culture and events . Has extensive menu with a large dose of information for tourists.

Wroclaw network . Broadcast events in Wroclaw , Wroclaw guide to the premises , cinema, accommodation, events and attractions.

Sights, culture and art Wroclaw . Virtual sightseeing , hiking trails, old houses and interesting places.

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